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Research Article

Global Recovery in Various Fields


Exploration on How COVID-19 affects Carbon Emission in




Published 21st Sept 2020


Most news is claiming how the skies are clearer since COVID-19 happened. This means that global
recovery after COVID-19 not only affects the global economy but also gives impacts on the environment.
During the lockdown, many regions in the world were under confinement and caused lesser flight schedules
in Asia. Thus, carbon emissions have dropped in 2020 due to some of these reasons. As we know, Asia has
been the largest carbon emitter in the world by the end of 2011. In this research, we will study how true the
news is by investigating three countries from Asia – China, Japan and India by their respective main industries
which are manufacturing, tourism, and agriculture. With the calculations of the daily average change in industry
and power sectors, it is shown that there is a decrease in carbon emission for both China and India while Japan
does not seem to have a significant drop in their carbon emission. All these three countries have their reasons
for their changes respectively. As the carbon emissions changes, the air quality for each country is also affected.
The use of two specific provinces for each country, China – Beijing, Wuhan; Japan - Sapporo, Osaka; India –
Kolkata, Delhi, is further analysed to see the reasons of change in their air quality.

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