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a. Nationality of Malaysia.
b. Minimum age of 18.
c. Other criteria: (Either one of the criteria must be satisfied)

  • Undergraduates currently pursuing a degree or a diploma of Actuarial Science in Malaysia. 

  • Postgraduates of Actuarial Science in Malaysia with less than 2 years of working experience; and

  • Students from courses other than Actuarial Science who have passed at least 1 external paper from professional actuarial bodies (SOA, IFOA, CAS and etc).  

Members pay an annual membership fee. Members of our Affiliated Clubs get a discounted rate. The membership fees are charged as below:

  • Normal Rate: RM 20.00 per annum

  • Discounted Rate: RM 15.00 per annum (For members of our affiliated actuarial societies)

The main value of MASA's membership includes Personal & Professional Development, Access to a national network of actuaries, Platform for meaningful dialogue and Making an impact in the actuarial community. 

Membership Criteria
Value of Membrship


1. Personal & Professional Development

  • Participate in our national-scale flagship events such as national actuarial conference, career fair, hackathon, etc.

  • Participate in our forums that will be held in different campuses every month or being streamed online.

  • Gain technical skills & industrial awareness through our professional development programs.

2. Access to a National Network of Actuaries

  • Build meaningful connection with your Actuarial peers across the nation.

  • Connect with working professionals across the industry through our close ties with the actuarial community.

3. Platform for Meaningful Dialogue

  • Receive updates on the latest developments in the actuarial industry.

  • Get involved with curated online discussions and contribute your thoughts to the actuarial community.

4. Make an Impact in the Actuarial Community!

  • Make your voice heard by the national and global actuarial community.

  • Pursue your ideas related to the actuarial industry with MASA.

  • Get Involved with the National Actuarial landscape!

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