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Research Article

Global Recovery in Various Fields

Field: The Future of Cinema After the Covid-19 Outbreak



Published 21st Sept 2020


Billions of dollars are bound up in blockbuster movie productions that have been completed but cannot
be released as cinemas have gone dark due to COVID-19 lockdowns globally. Pressure now mounts
both for studios and movie theatres that are facing financial challenges. This might have lasting effects
on the future of the cinema after the Covid-19 outbreak. Therefore, with the use of financial statements
analysis methods and distributed surveys, this research will be able to observe the financial state of the
major companies in the cinema industry during the outbreak in selected countries. On the other hand,
this research will also observe whether there is a shift in the social preferences of movie theatres to
online streaming services during the outbreak. Later findings show that the decline in companies' profit
and weak financial position create the urgency to maintain financial health while convincing potential
customers to go back to the cinema.

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