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MASA 2019 - Actuarialogy Conference (Edi


Prepare yourself for an interview!


MASA will be organizing a short 2-hour webinar as part of our MASA Insights series. We hope to provide useful resources to our members during this period so they can constantly build up their skills and gain more useful knowledge as well as the exposure to the industry. Since soft skills are often not focused and been trained as much as academics in universities, we wish to have a session to gain advice and tips for tackling technical actuarial interview questions to position ourselves as better and competitive actuarial students/fresh graduates.

Details of the event are as below:

Dates: 20th March 2021

Time: 9.30am - 11.30am
Price: Member - Free of Charge

          Non-member - RM10.00
Platform: Microsoft Teams

Open to all members and non-members.

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