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Impact of Contagious Disease on Different Scale

Field: How does COVID-19 affect Asian People's Lifestyle?



Published 17th Aug 2020


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the lifestyle of Asian where the government set rules in every country and the mobility of Asian has changed during the nation worldwide lockdown period. Research has shown that the cumulative number of cases for COVID-19 contributes huge impacts on the e-commerce markets. This study aims to determine how e-commerce and spending habits of Asians are affected by the daily number of COVID-19 cases in Asia. The use of stock price from the three leading e-commerce companies in Asia which are Sea Limited, Alibaba and reflects the growth of e-commerce during this pandemic. The high unemployment rate in Asia during lockdown have changed Asian’s spending habits more on the purchasing of daily essentials during the pre and post COVID-19. Secondary data, resources from online articles, research or analysis by other researchers and authors are used in this research to carry out analysis and data visualization using Python. Our analysis using Pearson’s Correlation shows a positive correlation between the e-commerce companies stock prices; unemployment rate and the number of COVID-19 cases. The result indicates that the number of COVID-19 cases has greatly impacted the lifestyle of Asian in their spending habits and mobility. Further research is needed to identify the daily data to strengthen the reliability of the analysis.

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