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MASA 2019 - Actuarialogy Conference (Edi


: Dual Programming


MASA will organize multiple programming classes in a structure syllabus for SQL and SAS, from 26th of September onwards till 7 th of November 2020. The series will include one introductory lecture and followed by a practical application class in two weeks’ time, for both programming languages. Participants can choose to sign up for any one, or both of the packages, where both lecture and application class are included. An e-certificate of completion will be provided to all participants upon completion; therefore, attendance will be strictly recorded.

Details of the event are as below:

Title : Dual Programming

Date : SQL – 26th September & 10th October 2020

           SAS – 24th October & 7 th November 2020

Price : Free of Charge

Targeted Venue : Microsoft Teams

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